Are you Hurting?

Perhaps someone advised you that an abortion would solve your problems. Maybe you temporarily convinced yourself that the life growing and developing inside of you was just a blob of tissue. Your “rights” at the time seemed to be the more important issue and that choosing to abort your pregnancy was completely within exercising those rights. Your whole future seemed at risk, and having a baby just wasn’t in your plans.

So you had the abortion. Now, you’re left with an achy feeling in your gut and you’ve been fighting depression now for months or even years. You’ve tried your hardest to forget, but the memory haunts you nearly every day. The cry of a baby, the announcement of a birth, yet another birthday of your best friends’ child who was born in the same year as your abortion, are all haunting hurtful reminders of that decision and what might have been.

If this all sounds familiar and you’ve experienced an elective abortion you may be suffering from a disorder called “Post Abortion Stress Syndrome”, (PASS).

Abortion not only destroys the life of an unborn child but it also profoundly affects the life of the mother as well. If the father of the child is aware of the abortion, then his life is negatively affected too.

Physical consequences often follow an abortion. Unexplained symptoms or the inability to carry future pregnancies are sometimes the direct result of an abortion procedure.

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For more information on “PASS” click on the links below.

National Helpline for Abortion Recovery 1-866-482-LIFE

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