About Us

So, you’ve missed your period. It’s only a day or so late but it never has been late before. You’ve had some strange symptoms and you think you might be pregnant.

We’re here to provide you with answers. A free confidential pregnancy test is provided in a safe, clean, professional environment. A nurse is also available at our Center to educate and advise you concerning follow-up care.

Once you arrive at our Center, we’ll try our best to make you as comfortable as possible while we ask you a few questions about why you’re here and what symptoms you might be experiencing.

We listen closely as you talk about your possible fears, problems, or concerns. You and your feelings matter. Talking with us gives you the opportunity to “vent” without the worry that someone will judge or expose you.

You need to know soon. So, pick up the phone, it’s time to give us a call.

We’re willing, waiting, and ready to help.

To contact us:

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Phone: 330-821-7283

Call toll free:1-866-821-9080